Fr, 08.03.2019

EOD Live Edition Rabia Sorda

Matrix Bochum

Einlass: 21:00 Uhr Beginn: Uhr VVK: € AK: 10.00 €


Live Edition mit Rabia Sorda, CROONA und CHEMICAL SWEET KID

Rabia Sorda is a Mexican-German band created in 2003 by Erk Aicrag to unleash his inner voices. Rabia Sorda music is an energetic experience, it is all about transforming, destroying and recreating the world around. The band is formed by Erk Aicrag on lead vocals, Marcus Engel on Guitars and Maxx on Drums, They Three together join in to burst the sonic experience beyond the barrier of sound itself .


Im Anschluss wird der Rabia Sorda / Hocico Frontmann Erk im Rahmen der EOD ein DJ Set zum besten geben!


2019-02-16 07:02:30