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The Poodles

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The Poodles

The Poodles are back with the new album “Prisma”, due to be released on January 26th 2018.
“Prisma” is the band’s seventh full length studio album and promises to excite new and old fans of
the band with an epic blend of songs! The album was recorded with the new and exciting producer
Dino Medanhodzic. This is rock n' roll straight up, no chaser!
The Poodles was formed in the fall of 2005 and six months later they participated in the Swedish leg
of the Eurovision Song Contest, which led to the band’s big breakthrough in their native country. The
debut album, “Metal Will Stand Tall”, was released shortly thereafter in Sweden, Japan, and Russia. It
climbed to the top of the Swedish charts and the first single, “Night of Passion”, went gold after only
three weeks and achieved platinum status in addition to being the most downloaded song for three
weeks straight. “Metal Will Stand Tall”, contained material written by A-list song writers such as Holly
Knight (Tina Turner, Aerosmith, and KISS) and featured two more singles that went top-10 in the
Swedish charts.
During 2006, the band did more than 100 live shows in Sweden and in January 2007 “Metal Will
Stand Tall” was released in Europe on AFM Records. In connection to this, The Poodles toured all
over Europe together with Hammerfall and Krokus, doing 31 shows in 18 countries in just 35 days.
The band’s second effort, “Sweet Trade”, was released in September 2007 in Sweden, Europe,
Russia, and Japan. The single, “Streets of Fire”, became the band’s biggest selling single to date,
achieving double-platinum status. Shortly after the release of “Sweet Trade” The Poodles headed out
on yet another tour over Europe together with Swiss rockers “Gotthard”. The Poodles then did a
head-line tour of their own with 17 sold-out shows throughout Europe. Several of the shows on the
tour were upgraded to bigger venues, quite a feat for a band that was formed only two and a half
years earlier.
Late spring 2008, after having participated a second time in the Eurovision Song Contest with the
song “Line of fire”, the band proudly accepted the invitation to record and perform the Official
Swedish Theme Song for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. The result was “Raise the Banner”,
which was released on the 15th of July and was the number one hit single in Sweden
On June 6th 2008, Henrik Bergqvist officially took over the ax-slinging duties from departed Pontus
Norgren, premiering at the “Sweden Rock Festival” in front of a crowd of 10.000. This event also
marked the launch of one of the biggest summer tours of any Swedish touring act. It spanned over 30
shows all over Sweden and also included a couple of festival shows in Germany.
For The Poodles’ third album, legendary producer-mixer Mike Fraser (Aerosmith, AC/DC, Led
Zeppelin, Whitesnake) was hired to take on mixing duties. Mats Valentin, a highly gifted Swedish
producer and songwriter produced what was to become “Clash of the Elements”. “Clash of the
Elements” was released on May 20th 2009 in Sweden and on August 28th in the European territories.
It featured the top-10 hit single “One out of Ten” and the all-out rocker “I Rule the Night”. The album
was released in co-operation with Universal and marked a new era in the history of the band.

Unsurprisingly, the release of “Clash of the Elements” was followed by extensive touring in both
Sweden and mainland Europe. Highlights include Firefest 2009, Rockstad Falun 2010 and Graspop
2010. All in all, The Poodles visited 29 European cities during the fall of 2009 and the spring of 2010.
In August 2010, The Poodles formed a partnership with Frontiers Records in preparation for the
release of a Live-album and a Live-DVD as well as an upcoming studio album. The Rockumentary DVD
“In the
Fleh” and the live CD “No Quarter” were released on November 8th 2010 in all territories and at the
same time, work started on the fourth installment of the Poodles’ saga.
“Performocracy” was released by Frontiers Records on April 15th 2011 in all territories. It was #1 in
the Swedish album chart in the first week of release and the band promoted the album with
extensive touring in their native country. The album was again produced by Mats Valentin, but this
time Tobias Lindell (Europe, Mustasch) took on mixing duties. “Cuts like a knife” was the first single
off “Performocracy” and the accompanying video was produced by Steve Ravic, who also shot and
produced “In the Flesh”.
Following the success of “Performocracy”, the band returned to an identical set-up for the recording
of The Poodles’ fifth album, "Tour De Force", which was released on May 17th 2013 in all European
territories and May 22d in the U.S. The album received critical acclaim by the hard rock-press and
reached 5th place on the Swedish album chart. "Tour de Force" featured the singles "40 days and 40
nights" and "Shut up!" in addition to the official Swedish team song for the "Ice Hockey World
Championship", "En för alla for en". This song is now the official song for the Swedish Ice Hockey
Team and is played whenever the team scores a goal! Surprisingly, even though the song is in
Swedish, it has been very well received by European audiences.
In April 2014, the band went on its first European your since 2010 and played for audiences that
eagerly had awaited the return of the band. After a summer of playing Swedish and European
festivals, The Poodles started working on the follow-up to "Tour de Force". The new album was
named "Devil in the Details" to reflect the band's pursuit of perfection and uncompromising
attention to details. In the process, bassist Pontus Egberg decided to leave The Poodles to join King
Diamond, which left the band searching for a replacement. After a trial period the decision fell on
local talent Johan Flodkvist, an accomplished and exciting bass player that is well suited to fill Pontus'
"Devil in the Details", the band’s sixth studio album, and follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Tour
de Force" was released in Sweden on March 25th 2015 by Gain Music where bands like Europe,
Mustasch, and Hardcore Superstar also reside. The evolution of the band's sound was evident as a
result of their continued collaboration with produced Mats Valentin.
The first single off "Prisma" is "Love is Gone", an epic and moving number that captures the
sentiments found on the rest of the album. “Love is Gone” was released on June 23rd. Look for The
Poodles on the road Europe in 2018!
Long Live Rock N' Roll!



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